About us


*The company works in the field of preparing, designing and implementing computer programs and the field of software development and integrating information technology solutions to suit the needs of the local market with high quality.

 * Specialized in accounting, commercial, industrial, contracting, real estate, education, clinics and hospitals, service programs with the latest technological solutions available in the market to provide the best programs at the lowest possible cost, which brings our customers a great return thanks to the use of Octa-Tech solutions that are characterized by a lot of flexibility for compatibility As per client's requirements.

 * Octa-Tech includes a group of specialists in the field of preparing, implementing and applying software in different fields, which helps us to give our customers the most accurate details of their work easily and help them make the most of our solutions. Octa-Tech always strives to serve its customers in a way that exceeds their expectations, and this is our goal in every product the company offers. Therefore, we do not offer just special computer programs, but these products include many services such as:

Software Development ,Consulting before buying ,Training Technical support services after the project is delivered by a group of specialists.


Step 1
Data analyses

Understanding the current situation and the client requirements .

Step 2 
Gap analyses & Dev

the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance.

Step 3

A proof of concept is meant to determine the feasibility of the idea or to verify that the idea will function as envisioned.


A good tool needs good users.


Starting the work on the solution.

Step 6
Tecnical Supprt

Ensure that the service has all the features and the user can use it efficiently


Supporting our clients with our expertise in the requirements stage to ensure that we are developing the right solution that suits their needs.

 Provide technical support in the event of any complaints of the best quality and the fastest way.

Periodic follow-up throughout the technical support period to ensure the provision of the desired value

Design solutions that fit the client's needs from many aspects, including ease of use, efficiency and quality of the technology used by subjecting our products to a variety of tests and the client's own tests to ensure that the solution offered is appropriate.

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