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Octa-Tech specialize in accounting, commercial, industrial, contracting, real estate, education, clinics and hospitals, service programs with the latest technological solutions available in the market to provide the best programs at the lowest possible cost, which gives our customers a great return thanks to the use of Octa-Tech solutions that are characterized by a lot of flexibility To comply with customer requirements.

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             Why choose Octa-Tech as your Software ERP implementation partner?    

Business Consultation

Ease up your Business


Certified, OdooV12,  OdooV13, Odoov14   and OdooV15

Process Enhancement

Identifying and improving existing business processes to optimize performance



Taking a step further with integration within your company


Dental management system  

Nazzmi is a full-featured management cloud system for dental clinics. It organizes your clinic's work using various tools, making running your clinic or multiple clinics much easier and under control. 

The efficiency and patient satisfaction will reach a much higher level, which will add to your brand and profit. 

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