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Easily keep track of your invoices in one place Thanks to Placing Your Invoices, you can follow up with customers to see if they have received their invoices, see if they have paid their dues in full or in part, and write to them if they are overdue. Color codes are useful for tracking your transactions and monitoring your balance.
Importing and exporting Excel data is very simple, especially if we compare that to entering each piece of information separately. In the settings, you will find the option to import data in the form of an excel file to download the following information: customers, invoices, products or services,receipts.

Need your data? Sell ​​your sales easily, convert your sales into sales starting from sales. Therefore, it is a reason to specify the data type as CSV or Excel format. Export special reports, you can export special reports data in various formats, XLS, CSV, PDF. This option is available on every report. Analyze news from your website annual report results with your business website. Use the help of importing products. If you use the product and have products that you want to import into your account, we can help you through the automatic import service that will help you import its data into your account directly without bothering